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Интервью с актрисой Sayuri Oyamada

I took an interview by Russian web magazine.
I’ve attached English and Japanese translation. ↓

– How you become who you are? Who or what inspired you most in all these years? Why?
Hello, I am Sayuri Oyamada, Japanese actress. I was born in Niigata Prefecture, Japan.
I have worked in Japan and abroad, including locations in China, Haiti and the United States. I am based in New York city, Los Angels and Tokyo.
I am always inspired by my family, many different type of culture, art, fashion and people!!
– Acting is probably one of the most important aspect of your life. Why did you start acting?
Actually…It was not my original intention to became an actress…I was supposed to be a kindergarten teacher or elementary school teacher.
But I was discovered by a talent scout when I was a college student.
And then…acting is a part of my life.
– Tell us a bit about your current project/movie. What’s it about and when we should expect to see it?
My newest film, “While the Women Are Sleeping” directed by Wayne Wang (Joy Luck Club, Smoke, Maid in Manhattan) and also starring Takeshi Kitano, Hidetoshi Nishijima, and Shiori Kutsuna premiered at the 66th Annual Berlin International Film Festival (2016).
I worked some commercials in the United States for such global brands as SHISEIDO feat. Lady Gaga, Apple Watch, IBM, Audible (Amazon), and Keurig.

-Who was the biggest celebrity you worked with and what you like about her/him most?
I worked with Lady Gaga for SHISEIDO commercial!! She was so professional, artistic and so sweet!!
As you know…Entertainment industry is very tough. but she is still keeping up her career and her potential, in addition to that she pull up newcomers. I felt so…
I was so impressed and learned many things from her behavior.
I became a huge fan of her after the shooting!
– Do you think New York City helped your career? Is is possible to archive same results somewhere else?
Hmm…I think it is a little bit difficult question for me now…I am feeling that New York art and culture scene are a little bit different than before. and independence film industry also.
What’s why I moved to Los Angels recently…Nevertheless, New York still have an impacts and affects on my artistic mind a lot.
– Why you are living/were living in NYC and where else would you live if not in NY?
I think New York is a city which cultural, artistic and racial diversity. I am influenced by that.
And also I can feel and see four seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter…even it is the coolest day in winter.
– What would be a perfect NYC day for you?
Taking a walk at Central Park, having lunch and dinner at my favorite restaurants with my husband.
– What was the last story you shared with your friends over the VodkaTonik (or other drink) ?
With Olga!! you invited me at your apartment in Brooklyn. delicious Italian food and drink.
Unfortunately…I can’t drink any alcohol…but I know you like Vodka Tonik!!
– Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?
People all over the world!!

– あなたはどんな人?(どんな人になる?) また長い間、何、誰があなたに影響を与えたのでしょうか?


– 演技はおそらくあなたの人生において最も重要な側面の一つだと思います。なぜ、演技を始めたのですか?


– あなたの最近のプロジェクトを教えてください。

またレディ・ガガと共演したSHISEIDOのコマーシャル、Apple Watch、IBM、Audible(Amazon) 、アメリカのコーヒーメーカーKeurigなどの広告にも出演しています。

– あなたが仕事をした中で誰が一番のセレブリティでした?そしてあなたは何が彼/彼女について好きだった?

私は資生堂のコマーシャルでレディ・ガガと共演しました!!! 彼女はとてもプロフェッショナルでアーティステック、そしてとても優しかったです。

– ニューヨークはあなたのキャリアを助けたと思いますか?また同じ結果を別の場所にアーカイブすることは可能ですか?


– なぜあなたはニューヨークに住んでいる/住んでいたの?そして、もしあなたがニューヨークにいなければどこに住んでいますか?


– あなたにとって完璧な一日は何ですか?


– あなたがあなたの友達とウォッカ・トニックを共有(飲んだ)した最後のストーリーは?


– 世界の誰でも(どんな人でも)選べるとしたら、あなたは誰を夕食に招待したい?


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